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To assist you with your FAA certification program for Type Certification (TC),  Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and/or Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Certification Support


TC Support: Design and Certification

Learjet M45 Powerplant Installation / Fuel System: 14 CFR 25/JAR 25, Senior Engineer (4 years), Flight Test Engineer, Fuel Gauging System, Fuel System Ice Protection, Flammable Fluid Re-Entry, Thrust Reverser System, Fuel Transfer System, Bleed Air Duct Analyses, Systems Safety Analysis

Maule M-9-230 Fire-Resistant Composite Material Specification for Engine Cowling; CAR 3/14 CFR 23, Consultant DER, Composite Cowling Design, HIRF-Lightning Zonal Analysis, Composite Materials Burn Test

AAI Acquisitions (Adam) Aircraft A-700 Systems Safety Analyses and Preliminary Certification

Diamond D-JET Preliminary Certification Reports - Fuel, Fire Protection

Multiple STC : Program Management 

Here are some examples of Multiple STC Programs Managed under CAP in the past.  Each of these required different degrees of involvement by multiple engineering disciplines and FAA Certification Testing.

Cessna 180, 182, 185, 206, 207, 210 Series Engine and 3-Blade Propeller Upgrades: CAR 3/14 CFR 23, Constant Speed Prop and Governor Substitution
  • Powerplant Cooling/Climb Flight Tests
  • Stall Speed Verification Flight Test
  • Best Rate of Climb Flight Test
  • Drag-Polar Flight Test Data Analysis
  • Glide Flight Testing
  • Vne Dive Flight Test
  • TIA / TIR Flight Test Program
  • AFM Supplement
Socata TB-20/21 Vapor-Cycle Air Conditioner System installation; 14 CFR 23, Engine-driven compressor; Tailcone condensor/fan/ducting
  • EMI-RFI Testing
  • FEA Structural Analysis
  • Powerplant Drive System Analysis
  • Electrical Load Analysis / Circuit Design
  • Powerplant Cooling / Climb Testing
  • Interior Materials Flammability Testing
  • TIA / TIR Flight Test Program
  • AFM Supplement
Taylorcraft DC(O)-65 Series Re-engine; CAR 4a, (7) optional Engines; (11) optional Propellers Order Form
  • Engine Mount Structural Analysis
  • Electrical System Installation Design
  • Electrical System Load Analysis
  • Conformity Inspection
  • Exhaust/Intake System Verification
  • Multiple Fixed-Pitch Propeller Options
  • Fuel System Verification
  • AFM Supplement
  • ICA Documentation
One-Only STC: Program Management

Piper PA-25-D Pawnee; CAR 3/CAR 8, Add 38-Gal. Fuel Tank
  • Fuel Gauging System
  • Fuel Vent / Drain Systems
  • Unusable Fuel Determination
  • Fuel System Plumbing / Selector Valve Design
  • Operations Procedure Placards
  • ICA Documentation