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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What's a Vintage DER?

What's a "Vintage DER"?...  I admit, I am getting a little gray in my beard and in whats left of the hairs on my head, but this term isn't referring to the age of the individual.  It is actually a special authorization by the FAA delegating certain approval functions to individuals with a background in Engineering and Certification.  Recognizing that the airplanes of yesteryear present unique certification challenges in today's changing regulatory environment, the FAA created a means to delegate authority for data approvals to individuals who have experience with old airplanes.  So a "Vintage" DER is an individual having an FAA delegation called Designated Engineering Representative under which he or she has authority to issue FAA approvals of type design data pertaining to major repairs and major alterations "Vintage" airplanes and/or engines. 

So if you own a so called "Vintage" airplane and are in need of FAA certification support for a Field Approval, STC, 337, or other major repairs or alteration approvals, contact Terry today.

Oh... and here's how the FAA defines "Vintage" airplanes and engines...

(and specific limitations to Terry's V-DER authority)

For the purposes of Terry's authorization, the referenced FAA Order defines “Vintage Airplanes” as those airplanes certificated under Civil Air Regulations Part 3 (CAR 3) or earlier certification basis, and manufactured before 1973 that meet the following parameters:
a. Single-Engine
b. Maximum five-place
c. Maximum 7,000 pounds gross takeoff weight
d. Nonpressurized, and
e. Noncomposite metallic or wood primary structure

Note: Vintage Engines are all radial engines and all other piston engines manufactured before 1973.